How to Choose Single-Hung and Bay Windows

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Adding new windows to your home can add value, and increase energy efficiency. A professional can make sure your project is done correctly to avoid structural issues.

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Single-Hung Windows

When you choose single-hung windows, you get classic beauty with modern technology. This style of window allows you to open the bottom sash to let in fresh air and sunlight. They are also easy to clean and energy efficient.

The windows are simple to install, but their price can vary depending on the size and material. If you want your single-hung windows to have special glass or window treatments, the cost will be higher.

A professional window installation company will ensure that your new windows fit properly. They will take the horizontal width and vertical height of your window opening to determine the exact size. If the window frame is out of square, it can cause problems with opening and closing. This is usually caused by a sagging foundation or improper installation. The window company should provide a warranty to cover these issues. The longer the warranty, the better. This will protect your investment and save you money in the long run.

Single Sliding Windows

The best Birmingham window installers use fusion-welded frames and high-performance Low-E glass to create premium home windows. These help keep the indoor temperature stable and reduce energy costs. The result is lower utility bills and less strain on the HVAC system.

The company’s windows are designed for year-round performance and come with ENERGY STAR-rated insulating glass. They are also built to last with multi-chambered sash and mainframe construction, quality wood craftsmanship and advanced security technology.

Choose from a variety of styles including the two-lite slider, which provides ventilation on both sides with equal-sized sashes or the three-lite slider that can open in either direction. There’s even a geometric fixed window that adds beauty and architectural interest to your home. The company also offers sliding patio doors, awning windows and casement windows. They can help you customize your replacement windows for a perfect fit. Then they’ll install them quickly, cleanly and efficiently. This will help you save money on your utility bills and raise the value of your home.

Double-Hung Windows

Most replacement windows sit flush against your home, more or less blending in with the exterior. For an eye-catching design option, consider a bay or bow window assembly, which features multiple glass panes to create a three-dimensional structure that expands your interior space and maximizes ventilation and views.

Double hung windows take style and utility to the next level with their two moveable sashes that open vertically. This allows cool air to enter through the bottom and hot air to escape through the top, creating a cross breeze that’s both energy efficient and comfortable.

To open your double hung window, simply slide the tilt latches and lower the upper sash, resting it against the lower sash for support. From there, you can gently pull the sash up and outward to clear away any debris or dust. This makes cleaning your new windows a breeze.

Bay Windows

A bay window is more expensive than a regular window, but it can add a lot of value to your home. The angled design opens up the space inside your home, and it provides stunning views that you can’t get with a standard flat window. Some designs also include a shelf or bench for seating.

The cost of a bay window can vary depending on the type of material you choose and whether or not you select a customized size. Some installers offer discounts for installing multiple windows at once. They can also provide you with energy efficiency options to decrease your heating and cooling costs.

If you decide to choose a bay window, be sure to get quotes from several contractors. Choosing an experienced professional will ensure that the project is completed correctly. This will prevent structural damage and ensure that the bay window is weatherproofed. It will also increase the resale value of your home.

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