Window Styles for Hot Alabama Summers

Window styles Birmingham AL

Window styles aren’t just for style; they can significantly impact your home’s energy-efficiency. Choosing the right windows can save you big throughout the hot Alabama summers.

If your dated windows are wasting energy, turn to Champion’s fusion-welded frames and sashes that offer superior efficiency. Their window installation practices and products meet all Energy Star manufacturing specifications and requirements.

Bay Windows

Windows add to your home’s beauty and can also impact its cost- and energy-efficiency. If outdated or leaky windows are making your Birmingham home harder to cool and costly to operate, it’s time to invest in new window replacements.

Bay and bow windows combine multiple glass panes to create a protruding look on the outside and enhance the view from your home’s interior. These three-dimensional window styles are a great choice for smaller homes to add an airy, spacious feeling.

Single-hung windows feature one inoperable sash at the top and a movable sash that slides vertically up and down. They’re easy to clean, provide improved ventilation and are suitable for use with window AC units. Our single-hung windows are available in a wide variety of glass patterns, exterior and interior finishes, color options and energy efficiency levels.

Bow Windows

Window design has a major impact on the aesthetic and energy-efficiency of your Birmingham home. If dated windows are limiting the flow of natural light and fresh air, Blair Exteriors offers several cost-effective window replacement options that will transform your house into a beautiful home.

Bow and bay windows are made up of a combination of angled window panes that create an open space in your home. They add an eye-catching dimension to your home’s façade and are ideal for a reading nook or breakfast area.

They can be framed with a fixed picture window in the center and include two or more operable angled windows on either side of the larger frame. They also offer more ventilation options as they can be comprised of up to four venting windows (most often casement or double-hung windows). Available in multiple configurations and sizes, bow and bay windows can add a dramatic flair to any room. We offer bay and bow windows in multiple product lines, including Pella 250 Series vinyl, Pella Impervia fiberglass, as well as three wood products — all with design flexibility to complement any home style.

Casement Windows

A casement window is hinged at the side and opens outward like a door using a crank handle. It allows the greatest amount of ventilation, letting fresh air flow in from any direction.

They add character and eye appeal with a three-dimensional design element to your home’s exterior. They let in natural light and create beautiful views from inside. They are a great option for historic homes with their traditional appearance.

Their fusion-welded frames and sashes provide excellent insulation and energy efficiency. They’re durable, customizable, and resistant to rotting, warping, and peeling. These windows are available with a variety of glazing options for added protection from the elements. They cater to eco-conscious homeowners with their Low-E coatings and argon gas insulation. This helps lower your energy bill while protecting the environment. They also have a wide selection of replacement windows to suit any taste or style. They offer free quotes and site inspections, as well as installation.

Industrial-Style Windows

A classic, sleek look, industrial-style windows are a trend that is here to stay. Often seen on new-build townhouses and Victorian semis, these black steel windows feature multiple frames that are joined together to form a single panel. They also make a perfect choice for orangeries and extensions.

They’re durable and require little maintenance, as the galvanized frames are resistant to corrosion. Their pencil thin frames allow them to let in plenty of natural light. But, as with any window, they need a good wipe down and yearly lubrication of pivots, hinges, stays, and handles to keep them running smoothly.

Energy efficiency is another major benefit of these windows. The multi-chambered frame and argon gas insulation slows thermal transfer to keep your home comfortable year-round. This is particularly important in West/Central Alabama, where high summer temperatures are common.

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