Front Entry Doors Birmingham AL Boost Home Value

Front entry doors Birmingham AL add curb appeal to homes and provide a welcoming first impression. They also help boost home value, according to a national study.

They’re also tough against the elements and resistant to intruders. Door dealers in Birmingham, Alabama can help you select, design and install the perfect doors for your home.


A wrought iron front door can be just the thing to add curb appeal to your home or business. It can boost the value of your property, and it can also make you the envy of your neighbors. It is also an excellent way to enhance your security, as iron doors are a deterrent to intruders.

Steel is a very durable material and it is resistant to damage from the elements. It is also less prone to rusting than other metals such as aluminum. It can be formed into a variety of shapes and designs to suit your needs.

One of the main benefits that steel front doors have is their energy efficiency. They are made with insulated foam and they are fitted with thermal adhesives and seals to help keep temperatures in your home stable. This can also reduce your energy costs significantly. In addition, a steel door is not prone to warping or distortion like wooden doors.


The entrance door is an important aspect of home design. It sets the stage for first impressions and helps protect homes from intruders and harsh weather. It can also boost a home’s curb appeal and raise its perceived value.

Fortunately, homeowners can choose from an array of stylish and functional front doors that meet their specific needs. These options include steel, aluminum, and wood doors. Steel doors are a popular choice because they can withstand the elements and resist corrosion. They’re durable and cost-effective, making them a great option for most homeowners.

However, the downside to a steel door is that it can warp due to changes in the humidity. To prevent this, a professional can add a furniture-grade veneer, which minimizes the chances of warping and provides superior durability. They can also install a polyurethane seal to help prevent leaks and energy loss. The “G-Rib” design eliminates metal-on-metal contact to reduce premature wear and supports longevity.


Your home’s doors have a big job. They welcome family and friends, protect your property from the elements and intruders, and improve your energy efficiency. Attractive exterior doors can also increase your home’s perceived value. A door dealer can help you select and design the perfect door for your home’s needs.

Wood front doors provide beauty and durability, and can be custom-built to match your home’s aesthetic. They come in a variety of species, including oak, mahogany, cherry and walnut. They are more expensive than steel, but offer superior strength for protection against impact damage and small dings.

Contemporary wood doors feature large glass panels that allow beams of natural light to fill your home. They also come in different configurations to accommodate single or double doors. Some feature a solid core and are available in rich factory-prefinished stains, while others have MDF cores wrapped with furniture-grade veneers to minimize warping caused by moisture.


The front door makes a statement about style, welcomes visitors and provides security. It also keeps out weather elements and intruders and is expected to withstand heavy wear and tear. It is no wonder that homeowners invest in their doors and consider it one of the best home improvement investments they can make.

A stylish entry door increases curb appeal and boosts your house’s value. It also offers a variety of customizable options for your home’s unique aesthetic.

While the look of steel front doors is enduring and classic, many prefer the natural beauty of wood or fiberglass for their home’s exterior. They offer a wide selection of styles and are affordable compared to other materials. They are also energy efficient with a foam core and thermal break that reduces heat conductivity, keeping your house comfortable year-round. Glass front doors can be enhanced by sidelights and transom windows for more light or privacy. They can also be fitted with blinds-between-glass that open when you want to let in light but close for privacy.

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