Window Companies Near Me Birmingham AL

Window companies near me Birmingham AL

Replacing old windows is an affordable way to improve energy efficiency and curb appeal. You can choose from a variety of window types. Some offer more insulation against heat, cold and noise. Others are designed to be low maintenance and durable.

Choose a local window company to help you select the best option for your home. They can help you find the right window style, size and material.


Replacing old windows is a great way to save money on energy bills. Typically, older windows lose heat and cool air through leaks, making it harder to keep your house comfortable. A window replacement company will install new windows that are more energy efficient, which can help you save hundreds of dollars each year on your electricity bill.

The cost of hiring a window installation company can vary depending on the type of windows you want and the style of your home. Some companies offer free estimates while others charge for installation and labor costs. You should also ask the company about its warranties and permit fees.

Southern Pro Clean is a professional window cleaning service provider that serves residential and commercial clients in Birmingham and surrounding areas. The company uses ladders fitted with stabilizing equipment to ensure safety and uses environmentally safe cleaning solutions. It also offers gutter and home exterior washing services. Its staff members are trained to use low and high-pressure washing cleaning methods for exterior surfaces.


Window warranties are often a mystery to homeowners. They vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and terminologies can be confusing. This can make them difficult to understand and lead to frustration when something goes wrong. In addition, window manufacturers frequently include exclusions and loopholes in their warranties that can limit the scope of your coverage.

For example, some companies may include a limited lifetime warranty on materials but exclude paint and labor. They may also exclude repairs to hardware or other components that are part of the window system. Another common exclusion is the use of inert gases such as argon or krypton, which can cause condensation on the inside of the windows.

Champion offers a limited lifetime warranty that covers installation, parts, and labor. However, you must have professional installation done by an approved installer to qualify for this warranty. Attempting to install windows yourself will void the warranty. The company is also a partner of Energy Star, and their products are certified as energy-efficient.

Installation process

Window replacement companies in Birmingham can help you choose the right window for your home. They’ll ask about your energy efficiency goals and the style of your home. They can also help you select the right materials and sizes for your windows. They’ll also provide advice about installation, including whether you want a full-frame or pocket installation.

If you’re looking for a new way to save on your energy bills, you should consider installing a double-hung window. These windows open and close vertically from top to bottom and are easy to clean. They are perfect for spaces that require more ventilation.

Another option is a bay or bow window, which projects outward from the wall and can have three openings or more. These types of windows add architectural beauty to your home while reducing energy costs. They’re also ideal for rainy climates. Awning windows are hinged at the top and open outward, which makes them a good choice for rainy climates like Birmingham, Alabama.

Customer service

Window companies near me Birmingham AL provide a variety of services, including free estimates, site inspections and design consultations. They also offer custom windows and doors, which are often more cost-effective than pre-fabricated designs. Their windows are designed with fusion-welded frames and sashes to resist warping, rot and mold. They are energy efficient and require little maintenance.

New and replacement windows are important to a home’s beauty, function and feel. Leaky, outdated windows can make a home more difficult to cool and are bad for the environment. These problems can be expensive to fix. Window installation professionals are trained to help homeowners choose the best windows for their homes and budgets.

Champion offers energy-efficient windows that are backed by the industry’s best warranty. Their windows, sunrooms, siding and practices meet all Energy Star manufacturing specifications and requirements. They also support charities like St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. They are an excellent choice for Birmingham, Alabama homeowners.

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