Why Choose Custom Windows for Your Home?

Custom windows Birmingham AL

The windows in your home allow you to see the outdoors, let in fresh air and sunlight. If yours are cracked, foggy, or broken, get professional window replacement.

You want your new Birmingham windows to be energy efficient, durable and stylish. Look for a company that offers products and support you can trust.


Replacing old windows with new ones can improve your home’s energy efficiency. It’s estimated that 25-30% of residential heating and cooling are lost through windows. New windows with low-e coatings can prevent heat transfer and help reduce your energy bills.

Many custom window manufacturers offer a range of energy-efficient options for your Birmingham home. For example, Champion offers an extensive selection of energy-efficient replacement windows that meet all Energy Star manufacturing specifications and requirements.

Other manufacturers, such as JELD-WEN, also have energy-efficient window options available for your home. They offer a variety of styles, designs and color options for the inside and outside of your home. Their windows are also designed to provide superior insulation and weather resistance. This can lower your energy bills and protect your furniture from fading. Their windows are also backed by the industry’s best warranty in case something goes wrong.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Window installation experts can help you pick windows that match your home design and are more attractive than what is already there. They can also help you find windows that will save money and increase the energy-efficiency of your house, which is good for the environment.

In some cases, energy-efficient custom windows can even lead to tax rebates or credits. This may be an additional motivating factor for homeowners who want to invest in new windows.

If you’re looking for a window replacement company in Birmingham, Alabama, look for one that offers customized options. These companies can provide you with a wide variety of styles and colors, from traditional wood windows to bay and bow windows. They can also help you choose the right size and shape of your new windows, depending on your budget and home design. They can also help you find a contractor that uses high-quality materials to ensure the longevity of your new windows.

Easy to Clean

Window installation services can help Birmingham homeowners choose windows that are aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean. They can also provide advice on how to keep them looking their best for years to come. They can also provide replacement windows that meet local climate conditions.

Energy-efficient windows help to reduce cooling costs by slowing thermal transfer through your windows. These windows are designed to be airtight and well sealed, which helps prevent drafts and heat loss in winter and high humidity in the summer. They may use double-pane glass or windows with inert argon gas between the panes. Some also offer a variety of coatings to protect your home from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Energy Star certified windows can help you save money on your energy bills and reduce carbon emissions. Champion’s windows, sunrooms and siding meet all Energy Star manufacturing specifications and practices. They are also backed by an excellent warranty.


One of the top reasons homeowners choose new windows is to improve their home’s energy efficiency. Heat gain and loss through windows account for 25%-30% of a household’s heating and cooling costs. The right window glass can slow thermal transfer, resulting in lower energy bills year-round. Ask for dual- or triple-pane windows with inert argon gas between the panes and low-E coatings to maximize energy savings.

The frame material you choose will also influence the window’s performance. Vinyl, aluminum-clad, and wood composite frames provide excellent insulating properties and can withstand the hot Alabama summers.

Whether you want to add a classic farmhouse window to your new build or an I-style bay for a gorgeous entryway, local window installation pros can help you select the perfect option to fit your needs and aesthetic. To find a local window contractor, browse the Professionals section on Houzz and review online portfolios to learn more about their work. Then, contact them to discuss your project.

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