Window Styles for Your Home

Window styles Birmingham AL

If you’re replacing windows due to damage or inefficient performance, it’s important to consider the style that best complements your home. Window replacement companies can help you identify the latest trends and classic features that enhance your architectural planning.

Traditional window styles like double-hung balance aesthetics and utility. They’re a good fit for Birmingham homes with classical architectural themes.


Double-hung windows offer both classic style and easy functionality. They feature upper and lower sashes that can open or tilt vertically for ventilation, making them perfect for Birmingham’s humid summers and stormy weather.

Craftsman windows offer a cozy, homey vibe that fits Birmingham’s historic neighborhoods and older homes. They feature wooden frames with intricate details that add visual depth to your home.

Bay and bow windows add a three-dimensional design element to your home, maximizing ventilation and enhancing your view. They also offer enhanced energy efficiency and reduced noise transfer.


A modern window combines a classic style with the latest energy efficiency features. It’s a perfect choice for Birmingham homeowners who want to add a sleek, sophisticated look to their home.

Traditional window styles like casement and awning windows offer plenty of light while providing excellent thermal protection in Birmingham’s challenging climate. They also provide good ventilation, especially when used over a sink or bathtub.

Craftsman-style windows, usually double-hung, have a cozy, homey vibe that pairs well with Birmingham homes with stone or brick exteriors. They often have grid patterns that add visual richness.


Craftsman homes are rooted in high-quality craftsmanship and artisan-designed features. They also embrace natural materials and emphasize functional design. These homes often feature large front porches and extra-large windows, such as bay or picture windows.

Double hung windows are a great fit for craftsman-style homes because of their ability to balance utility and aesthetics. Their two operable sashes allow homeowners to crack them open for fresh air or easy cleaning. Homeowners can also select awning windows for craftsman-style homes. These windows open upward and complement the exposed rafters and brackets of many craftsman-style roofs.


Colonial-style windows are symmetrical, making them a good fit for homes with more formal and sophisticated exteriors. They pair well with siding replacement projects to create a cohesive look for the home.

Choose a double-hung window with standard grids (also known as muntins) to add classic appeal to your colonial home. The grids make cleaning your new windows easy, and you can paint them any color to complement the rest of your home’s exterior.


If you have an older home, window replacement options are available that will help you stay true to the style and period of your house. Double-hung windows, for example, have a six over six divided lite pattern to retain its old-fashioned appearance.

Using warm tones and earthy colors, the rustic design style emphasizes natural materials and textures. Opt for woven Roman shades to add texture and reinforce the farmhouse feel.


Victorian and Queen Anne architectural styles are characterized by towers, turrets, a plethora of trim, and bold colors. They often feature upper sashes with decorative art glass and grille patterns.

Sliding sash windows became immensely popular during the Victorian period. They use a two-over-two grid design that’s a departure from the six-over-six panes found in Georgian homes.

Today’s Victorian-style uPVC or aluminium windows from Albion have astragal bars to replicate the 2 over 2 grid pattern. These don’t serve any functional purposes, but instead add visual authenticity.


Replacing your windows can make a significant impact on your home’s energy efficiency. It can help you reduce your energy bills and protect the interior of your home from damaging UV rays.

Bring the outdoors in with sliding windows. These window styles are easy to clean and offer unobstructed views. They also have fewer moving parts than other window types, making them more durable and low maintenance.

Bay and bow windows create a dramatic effect in Birmingham homes and are available in many different designs. These windows provide ample light, fresh air and additional storage space.


Unlike traditional storefront awnings that can be vulnerable to fading, solution-dyed acrylic fabric endures. Plus, it’s resistant to mold, stains and dirt.

Awning windows open outward using a single crank, making them easy to access for cleaning. They’re also highly efficient, keeping cool air inside and reducing energy bills.

Picture windows offer unobstructed views and are great for enhancing home aesthetics. They aren’t capable of opening, though, so they won’t help with ventilation.


Picture windows offer unobstructed views, brighten living spaces and enhance interior appeal. They also deliver excellent energy efficiency, as they don’t open or close, minimizing opportunities for air infiltration.

They’re the perfect fit for Birmingham homes with a traditional aesthetic, or anyone looking for a window style that blends beauty and functionality. Double-hung windows are another balanced option that fits well with a variety of home styles, as they offer superior ventilation for this challenging climate.

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