Window Styles in Birmingham AL

Window styles Birmingham AL

Your windows can influence the overall ambiance of your home. They also play an important role in your energy efficiency and cost of heating and cooling your home.

You can choose the right window style to fit your needs. Double hung windows, for example, balance functionality and aesthetics. Their two sashes can move up and down, providing excellent ventilation.


Window styles are a key component in defining the overall design and energy efficiency of your home. Choosing the right windows requires careful consideration to ensure that they offer a beautiful aesthetic and fit seamlessly with your architectural style.

One example of a traditional architecture style is the nine-story Title Guaranty Trust Building, a honey-colored brick-faced building that follows a neogothic division of base/shaft and capital. The building also features terra cotta detailing and a grid of grouped windows on intermediate stories.

Another great example is the Good Shepherd stained glass, which utilizes many pastel colors and intricate patterns to depict Jesus with a lamb and shepherd’s hook. This window was copied from a popular painting at the time.


The window style you choose impacts everything from your home’s design to its cost and energy efficiency. Whether you’re building a new Birmingham home or replacing old windows, local window installation experts can help you choose the right type and style of window for your space.

Double-hung windows are popular in Birmingham homes, offering a balance of functionality and classic design. They feature upper and lower sashes that open and close, offering superior ventilation for the humid summers and frequent storms of central Alabama. Bland grid textures are out, and contoured, authentic-looking grids are in.


Rustic windows are ideal for Birmingham homes in rural areas. They feature wooden frames and designs that fit perfectly with log cabins and country homes. They bring a natural look and feel that enhances a relaxing atmosphere. They often include features like knots in wood or wrought iron hardware.

Your home’s windows play several roles—they add beauty and value, reduce energy costs, and keep your family comfortable year-round. To maximize your investment, you should choose a window style that can stand up to the cold winters and high humidity of Alabama’s climate.


The Victorian style is characterized by intricate designs that add beauty to your home. It also has a sense of history that you can appreciate.

This style of window combines several small panes with wood frames to create a classic look. You can find these windows in old homes that have a lot of character. They can also be found in modern homes that want to capture that historical magic.

Sliding sash windows that open vertically became popular in the Victorian era. They typically use a two-over-two design, a departure from the six-over-six style of Georgian windows. Victorian houses also often feature eyebrow windows, which are curved shapes above traditional windows.

Bay & Bow

Adding bay or bow windows to your home adds a focal point inside and outside of your house. They also increase ventilation and airflow. Depending on the style you choose, they can also elevate your home value and provide additional storage.

At a glance, these window styles may look similar, but there are differences in their size, number of sections and the way they protrude from your home’s exterior walls. Bay windows feature a larger, inoperable window with two smaller flanking windows, while bow windows contain four to six windows set at different angles to each other.


Awning windows are hinged at the top and open outward with a crank handle. They’re best used in hard-to-reach places like over kitchen sinks, providing optimal light and ventilation.

A door awning is a smaller and curved version of the window style, typically covering a small section of a building’s door to provide extra protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. It also offers a barrier between rain and whatever is beneath it.

If you want a window installation that’s more eye-catching than a standard flat window, consider a bow or bay window. They’re crafted from multiple glass panes and create a space where you can relax or dine.


As their name suggests, picture windows offer unobstructed views of the outside world. They let natural light flood living spaces, brightening interiors and increasing their appeal.

Energy efficiency is a big concern among Birmingham homeowners. Windows that allow heat or air to leak can cause skyrocketing utility bills.

Replacing old windows with new ones with energy efficiency in mind is a smart move. Options like double-pane glass and argon gas filling help reduce energy loss. Tinted and Low-E glass can also improve energy efficiency by slowing thermal transfer.

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