Custom Doors For Your Home

From enhancing your home’s security to elevating its curb appeal, the right door can make all the difference. Door dealers can help you choose and install doors that are a perfect fit for your home.

Wrought iron doors are stylish and durable, making them an attractive choice for Birmingham homes. Designed to last a lifetime, they can also increase your home’s value.


When you’re building a new home or replacing your existing doors, the choices can seem endless. Your exterior doors need to be strong and weatherproof, while your interior doors need to fit the aesthetic of each room and work with your existing window systems. Door dealers can help you select, design and install doors that are just right for your home.

Wrought iron front doors are a beautiful way to set your Birmingham home apart from others and boost its curb appeal. They also enhance your home’s security and last a lifetime with minimal maintenance.

Steel doors are durable and resilient and offer excellent security; they also insulate well. Aluminum doors are an affordable choice that won’t rust or dent and are available in a wide variety of colors and finishes. They’re a good option for homeowners who want the look of an iron door but don’t want to deal with maintenance. A Birmingham door dealer can help you find an aluminum door that fits your needs.


A well-insulated door will keep your home warm and reduce heating and cooling costs. It also protects your family from the elements and burglars. Insulation includes a wide range of materials and qualities, but it typically consists of products with a structure that traps pockets of air, like cotton or wool, or wood-based materials. It can be applied as spray foam or as adhesive strips, generally polyurethane-based.

Birmingham door dealers can help you determine the type of insulation that best fits your needs and your budget. They can also recommend doors that complement your home’s architecture and meet your security requirements. For instance, wrought iron front doors boost your home’s value and curb appeal and are easy to maintain, but they are also strong enough to deter burglars. Steel doors are durable and resilient, yet they don’t warp or crack, and they provide good insulation for your home. They are also affordable. They are the least expensive of the four common types of doors.


Durability is an important design principle that considers the long-term performance of a product. It allows designers to explore options that meet user needs without compromising safety, security or aesthetics. It also helps to reduce resource consumption, which in turn saves money and the environment.

A durable product can withstand the tests of time and weather, as well as resist impact and stress. It is also easy to repair and maintain. This is why it is crucial to incorporate durability into every stage of the design process.

Birmingham door dealers can help you select the right doors for your home, including interior and exterior ones. They can help you decide on the shape, color, size and more. They will also install your doors and provide maintenance services. They can even handle emergency replacement jobs, like when a storm or accident damage your doors. They will make sure that your new doors are sturdy, resilient and attractive.


Whether it’s your front door or interior doors, the right type of doors can add to a home’s value, curb appeal and security. In fact, an attractive front door can even increase a property’s perceived market value by up to 15%, according to a recent national study commissioned by Therma-Tru. Fortunately, Birmingham door dealers offer many different options for homeowners who are looking to upgrade their exterior and interior doors.

Steel doors are a great option for homeowners who want the durability and strength of iron but with added energy efficiency. These doors come with a hot zinc anti-rust coating, reinforced jambs and can stand up to strong winds. Choose a steel French door for a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces or opt for a steel window wall to let in plenty of natural light.

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