Window Replacement – Give Your Home a Face Lift

Window replacement Birmingham AL

When windows are damaged, leaking or difficult to open and close, it may be time for window replacement. Replacement windows can give your home a face-lift, improve energy efficiency and elevate curb appeal.

When choosing a company to handle your project, look for certifications that speak to their expertise. These include:


Vinyl windows are popular among Birmingham homeowners for their durability, low maintenance, and energy efficiency. They resist heat and humidity and help keep indoor temperatures stable all year round. They also provide excellent insulation against drafts.

Window installation should only be done by professionals for lasting results. Unlike do-it-yourselfers, professionals understand the intricacies of installing windows to ensure that they are plumb, level, and square. They will also finish installation with proper exterior caulking and interior insulation to avoid air and water leaks.

Top brands like Harvey, Ply Gem, and Jeld-Wen offer a wide variety of styles, materials, and features to suit your unique preferences. They also provide leading insulating options that align with Alabama’s energy efficiency standards and specific climate considerations. They also feature mullions, which enhance the aesthetic of your home and support its structural integrity.


Birmingham homeowners can reduce their heating and cooling costs by replacing old single-pane windows with new energy efficient options. Blair Exteriors offers a variety of window styles that balance beauty with efficiency, including aluminum-clad wood frames that preserve traditional aesthetics while insulate against Alabama’s summer heat and Low-E glass that aligns with local energy efficiency standards.

The style of installation can also make a difference. Double hung windows are popular for their classic appeal and functionality, while casement windows offer a sleek design and excellent ventilation. Mullions, which are vertical or horizontal bars that divide the window into multiple panes, serve both structural and decorative purposes.

Hardware finishes like oil-rubbed bronze and polished chrome complement Birmingham home designs, while enhancing the visual impact of the replacement windows.


The installation style you choose can have a significant impact on your Birmingham home’s aesthetic and energy efficiency. For instance, double-hung windows allow both the top and bottom sashes to move, which provides better ventilation while maintaining a traditional look. They also feature mullions, vertical or horizontal bars that divide the window into smaller panes.

When it comes to hardware finishes, you can choose between oil-rubbed bronze and polished chrome to achieve a classic or contemporary expression. In addition, you can select a grid pattern that aligns with your existing design.

Builders Millwork, LLC offers residential and commercial services for custom glass work including shower doors, tabletop glass, cabinets, security windows, and storefronts. Its team of glaziers has experience working on projects for homeowners and commercial clients in Birmingham and nearby areas.


The frames of your windows play a key role in the look, function and energy efficiency of your home. Some common frame materials are aluminum, wood and vinyl PVC.

The most common window frame material is vinyl because it’s affordable, attractive and durable. However, it’s not as strong or energy efficient as other materials like fiberglass or aluminum.

Energy efficiency is a top concern for Birmingham homeowners, especially when it comes to high temperatures and extreme winds. Look for a company that offers window replacement with Low-E glass and argon gas filling to reduce heat transfer and save on utility bills. Additionally, look for manufacturers that offer specialized training and certifications to ensure quality installation. Those with manufacturer certifications often have a limited lifetime warranty to back their products and services.


Many Birmingham homeowners opt for awning windows, which feature a hinge at the top and open outward to let in fresh air. They’re a great choice for wet climates and offer an attractive architectural element to your home.

Double pane replacement windows help reduce outside noise and provide good thermal insulation. Double pane window options can be further enhanced with a variety of decorative grid patterns that complement varying aesthetics.

If energy efficiency is your primary concern, consider choosing a company with an Energy Star certification. Companies with this badge adhere to Alabama’s strict energy standards and can save you money on your monthly utility bills. They can also help you qualify for energy rebates. Energy Star certified windows also reduce heat transfer and help you cut your carbon footprint.

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