Door Companies Near Me in Birmingham AL

Birmingham, the largest city in Alabama, is home to a vibrant business community. The thriving community embraces the spirit of innovation and progress. It is also rich in southern history and culture.

Door dealers in Birmingham offer a wide range of doors to complement different aesthetics and home styles. They can help select, install, and maintain doors that match a homeowner’s needs.

Sliding Doors

Your doors serve many purposes: welcoming family and friends, protecting your home from intruders and providing a beautiful connection between the indoors and outdoors. They also boost your home’s energy efficiency by preventing thermal transfer between the outside and the inside of your house.

Sliding doors, featuring full glass panels that let in natural light and make access to your yard simple, are a great choice for homes with tight spaces or for homeowners who want to create a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors. They’re also easy to maintain and often feature Low-E glass, which helps to keep your home more comfortable during Alabama’s hot and humid summers.

Wood doors, crafted from sturdy materials like oak, cherry, walnut and mahogany, add an elegant touch to Birmingham homes. They can be crafted with a variety of designs, including french rails, to fit your style.

Storm Doors

Door dealers provide services such as custom door design, installation, and repair. They offer exterior doors that resist the elements and complement existing aesthetics, as well as interior doors that fit different rooms in a home. They can help you select the right materials, shape, size, and color for your needs.

Storm doors protect against inclement weather and bolster security. They also prevent air leaks and enhance energy efficiency by regulating indoor temperatures. Coastal dwellers particularly benefit from this added safeguard, which bars the elements and fends off debris in hurricanes and tropical storms.

This company has been servicing clients since 1999. Its technicians are adept at repairing garage doors, including faulty openers and sections. They also offer safety inspections and silencing service. They work on brands like Craftsman and Liftmaster.

Security Doors

Homeowners in Birmingham need doors that are tough against the elements and stylish enough to welcome family and friends. They also need to protect their homes from intruders and reduce energy consumption. These needs can be met by choosing the right doors from local door dealers.

Security doors are made from reinforced materials that deter burglars and last for a lifetime. Installing one on your home will give you peace of mind at night when you’re sleeping in your bed and during the day when you’re away from your house. It will also boost your property’s value and curb appeal. You can choose from a variety of styles and designs to suit your preference. For instance, flush doors have a flat surface and are often devoid of detailed designs.

Single Doors

Whether you need doors for a home or business, local door dealers offer a range of styles and materials. They can help you select the right doors for each room and provide installation services. They can also create custom doors and iron works for your space.

Wrought iron doors make a beautiful and distinctive statement for homes. They add curb appeal and boost a property’s value. They are also durable and easy to maintain. Homeowners in Birmingham can find a wide variety of wrought iron front doors and entry doors online from many different manufacturers.

Iron doors are made from a strong material that is resilient and sturdy against weather and intruders. They also look great and are easy to custom-build. They’re also more affordable than steel and aluminum options.


Adding sidelights to your entry door is a great way to increase the amount of natural light in an entranceway. They also add a bit of visual interest and style to a home’s exterior. There are a variety of sidelight styles available from conservation construction, so there is sure to be one that fits perfectly with any home.

These windows allow more light in than doorglass or windows typically would, which can brighten an entryway and make a room feel bigger. They’re also perfect for viewing a front yard without opening the door, which can be important for children and furry friends. They can also be frosted or stained for privacy. They can be added to existing doors or combined with transom windows. Adding them to an existing entryway will require increasing the rough opening, which can increase costs and may require the removal of ductwork or electrical wires.

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