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Entry doors Birmingham AL

Birmingham is a diverse city with a rich history in coal, limestone and iron ore. It is also home to the Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark and a long tradition of Southern cuisine.

An attractive door makes a positive first impression on visitors, improves your home’s security and energy efficiency, and boosts its perceived value. Birmingham door dealers offer a variety of styles and customization options.

Art Deco Style

Several Birmingham landmarks showcase the city’s architecture, including Sloss Furnaces, the Vulcan and Regions buildings. Located in downtown Birmingham, the Alabama Power headquarters features a striking Art Deco doorway that reflects its 1925 construction. The geometric metal design and gold statue of Electra welcomes visitors to the building’s entrance.

A popular style during the 1920s and 1930s, Art Deco doors feature decorative elements with geometric shapes. This aesthetic fuses modern European designs with Hollywood glamour. The result is a bold style that’s perfect for homes with an eclectic taste.

Boosts your home’s curb appeal and adds value with iron front doors that are easy to maintain. Wrought iron doors are also strong and resist break-ins. They make a great choice for Birmingham homeowners who want to set their home apart from others. The wrought iron doors at Tuscan Iron Entries are available in many styles and colors, offering an option that’s right for your home.

Contemporary Style

In Birmingham, homeowners embrace their Southern roots in historic farmhouses and I-style new builds. They also know that a beautiful front door boosts curb appeal, adds value and security and helps keep out the elements and intruders. Birmingham door dealers help customers find a style that reflects their unique personalities.

Entry doors can be crafted from a wide range of materials, each offering its own advantages. Wood doors provide natural beauty, while steel offers robust protection and fiberglass provides energy-efficiency. Many entry doors are available with transoms and sidelights to let in more light and enhance a home’s aesthetic.

Wrought iron entry doors are a bold statement piece, perfect for homeowners who want to set their homes apart from the crowd. These doors are available in a wide array of designs and colors to complement any architectural style. They can be enhanced with decorative glass to increase visual interest. They are also durable and easy to maintain, requiring only monthly cleanings.

Milano Steel Doors & Windows

An iron front door is not only a great addition to any home, but it also helps improve its value. According to a recent survey, consumers believe that an attractive front door boosts their property’s perceived value.

Our Milano doors have a unique vertical steel feature that sets them apart from the competition. The doors are available in either a solid wood or veneer face depending on your preference.

We offer both left-hand and right-hand in-swing options to accommodate any layout of your home’s exterior. The doors are double-bored and can accept any lock set and dead bolt.

Our wrought iron doors are made from durable, corrosion-resistant materials, so they will last for years to come. They are also fire-resistant and have the ability to withstand high winds. This makes them a safe option for any home in Birmingham, Trussville, Hoover, Gardendale, Mountain Brook, Vestavia, and Leeds, AL. They can also increase your home’s security as most burglars will avoid homes with wrought iron doors.

Urban Series

Birmingham, Alabama is home to an abundance of iron and coal. The city also has a rich Southern heritage, making it a unique and diverse location that requires front doors with a distinctive style. Whether you prefer a traditional single door design or a more modern look, Birmingham Window Replacement offers beautiful entry doors that complement your home.

Our stunning doors enhance curb appeal and value, making your home the envy of your neighbors. Wrought iron doors are durable and easy to maintain, making them a great investment for any homeowner.

The unpredictable weather of Birmingham demands added protection for your primary entry door. Storm doors are a popular choice, shielding your doors from rain, snow, and wind. They are also designed to be visually appealing, complementing your home’s style while adding a layer of security. For an additional level of safety, add security sensors to your home’s entry doors. These discreet, intelligent devices are quick to detect unauthorized entry and alert you of potential danger.

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