Door Styles in Birmingham AL

Door styles Birmingham AL offer homeowners security, comfort, and style. They add curb appeal and protect against the elements and intruders.

Modern doors offer sleek edges and minimalist details. They blend seamlessly with luxury home architectural styles and work well with a variety of interior decoration styles. They also provide superior energy efficiency.


Panel doors have sections in them of different shapes, designs, or sizes. They can be made of different materials but wood is a popular choice for homes with these types of doors. Louver Doors are a variation of the panel door with slats that provide a measure of ventilation while still providing separation and light blocking. French Doors are a popular option for Birmingham homes as they have dual panels and glass panes to let natural light in and add a bit of European style to the home. Colonial Doors are also an excellent choice for Birmingham homes and provide a classic look to the house.


A sleek, minimalist choice that fits in beautifully with contemporary design schemes, flush doors are a popular option for Birmingham homeowners who want to create a clean and modern space. They’re also a great choice for rooms with limited space, as they require less room to swing open and closed.

Choose from a wide range of unique colours and designs to match your interior design style, including woodgrain finishes, and even glass panels to create a more eye-catching aesthetic. These doors are also available in fire rated options to help you meet strict safety requirements for your home.


As a design element, louvered doors offer a melting pot of benefits with a handful of potential drawbacks. Aside from their innate aesthetic appeal, they facilitate air flow, especially in spaces that could get stuffy or humid. These include laundry rooms, pantries, and closets.

Moreover, the horizontal slats on a louvered door allow light to pass through, making them an ideal choice for smaller rooms. However, these interior doors must be properly installed and secured in order to maintain their functionality. If you’re planning to install louvered doors, be sure to partner with a reputable installer. Otherwise, these slatted beauties may become an eyesore rather than an architectural accent.

Glass Inserts

Whether frosted, tinted or clear, glass inserts serve as windows to your home’s soul, ushering in natural light and creating a welcoming ambiance even before visitors step inside. These insulating windows come in several shapes and sizes, occupying the full width, three quarters or top half of your door. They’re typically inoperable and framed to ensure their durability.

Craftsman doors, featuring square and rectangular designs and paired with clear or stained glass, complement homes that prize detailed craftsmanship. Sleek lines and minimalist details characterize modern doors, which are ideal for Birmingham’s contemporary homes. French doors, meanwhile, exude an aura of luxury and elegance, bringing a touch of Europe to Birmingham’s historic architecture. They also allow easy access to patios and gardens. And rustic doors, crafted from durable materials, offer an earthy appeal to homes seeking a rugged and natural feel.

Mail Slot

A mail slot installed on your front door is a charming nod to yesteryear and can add a unique touch to the look of your home. It’s also a practical choice that can help make it easier to get your mail. It eliminates the need to dress for the weather to go outside and trek to a corner mailbox, and can help elderly homeowners avoid falls on icy steps.

The selection of door mail slots includes both metal and wood models that mount flush to your exterior door or on a wall. Some come with a closing cover that lifts to slide the mail through and shuts to prevent weather elements from getting in. There are also options for an interior hood that installs on the open interior side to enhance privacy.

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