Styles and Types of Replacement Windows for Homes in Birmingham AL

Whether you are building a new home or remodeling an existing one, the right windows can make all the difference. They can raise your house’s curb appeal and improve its energy efficiency and comfort levels.

The right window installation company can help you choose the best style and material to match your personal preferences and budget. Look for companies that offer NFRC-certified products. These products are objectively measured and verified for energy standards and will withstand humidity and heat—important climate considerations in Birmingham.

Sliding windows

Sliding windows, also known as gliding or sliding doors, operate horizontally and are an attractive addition to any home. The minimalistic design allows plenty of natural light and offers excellent air circulation. They are perfect for homes in Birmingham that are short on space.

Vinyl sliding windows are an excellent choice for your home because they resist moisture and won’t rot or warp. They are also an excellent insulator, contributing to energy savings in heating and cooling. Plus, they require minimal maintenance with regular cleaning.

You can choose from a variety of grid patterns and designer glass to create the aesthetic you want for your home. We can also match your windows to your existing color palette with our professional paint services. We use precise measurements and a detailed installation process to ensure your new replacement windows fit perfectly.

Picture windows

When choosing window styles, homeowners must consider aesthetics and energy efficiency. Look for a company that offers durable materials that meet Alabama’s climate considerations, such as vinyl and fiberglass. Also, choose windows with a variety of colors and hardware options to complement your home’s architecture.

Picture windows, for example, enhance natural lighting and provide unobstructed views of the outdoors. Their minimalist design suits both modern and traditional aesthetics, and they offer a seamless extension of your indoor space to the outdoors. They also help regulate temperature, reducing utility bills. Additionally, they can be equipped with insulated glass with low-emissivity coatings to reflect heat and UV rays and protect carpet, furniture and paintings from fade. Integrated blinds within the window frame provide an additional level of sophistication.

Bay or bow windows

For those looking to transform their Birmingham home, a bay or bow window is the way to go. These windows wrap around the corner of a house, creating a unique turret look on the outside and an inviting nook on the inside. This style also allows for more natural light to enter your home, which is great for preventing Seasonal Affective Disorder and increasing vitamin D levels.

The curved sash of these windows creates a flat ledge on the interior side, which can be used for displaying knick-knacks or even as a seat for relaxing with a good book. A bay window seat can also be insulated, providing a cozy spot to relax during Birmingham’s winter months.

A bay window typically features a fixed middle window and two smaller windows on either side, which are usually casement or double-hung windows that can be opened for fresh air. The windows are then connected by a single row of small, vertically-oriented windows called mullions.

Grid patterns

Also known as mullions or grilles, window grid patterns add to the aesthetic of your home. These crisscross strips of material make double pane windows look extra custom and can complement eclectic homes.

Colonial grid patterns, with evenly spaced lines both vertically and horizontally, are a mainstay in traditional homes. They exude vintage grandeur and create a classic architectural harmony for your Birmingham home.

Prairie grid patterns have fewer grids, with a square or rectangular perimeter enclosing smaller panes in the corners. This simple style evokes the expansive American Midwest and works well in large Birmingham homes.

For a more modern look, consider casement windows. These hinged-out windows are a great choice for wet climates like Birmingham and allow you to easily ventilate your home.

Hardware finishes

When it comes to replacing windows, the materials you choose will affect your home’s aesthetic and energy efficiency. Look for a company that offers color matching services to ensure your new window replacements integrate seamlessly with your existing design scheme.

Look for a company that has NFRC certification, which means they offer ENERGY STAR certified products. These windows have passed rigorous energy performance testing and are designed to withstand the humidity and heat of Birmingham, AL.

A top Birmingham window contractor will also offer double hung windows, which allow the upper and lower sashes to open vertically, making them easy to clean. These windows are a popular choice for homeowners looking for a blend of traditional style and contemporary functionality. They’re also great for providing ventilation.

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