How to Choose Vinyl Windows Birmingham AL

Upgrading to new windows doesn’t only give your home a refreshed look, it also improves its energy efficiency. These windows prevent heat from escaping your home during the summer and cold air from entering it during the winter, thus easing the burden on your HVAC system.

They also reduce outside noises and protect valuables such as carpet and furniture from fading. A top window replacement company will offer abundant product varieties, strong warranty provisions and reasonable pricing.

Awning windows

When choosing replacement windows, consider the materials that appeal to you and match your budget. Wood gives you a classic look but requires frequent staining and upkeep, vinyl is a low-maintenance option with excellent energy efficiency, and fiberglass offers strength and durability.

Awning windows are hinged at the top and open outward, allowing you to enjoy unobstructed views and fresh air without having to worry about rain. Their sleek design complements both traditional and modern homes.

Awning windows can be purchased with double or triple pane glass for maximum energy efficiency. Krypton gas filled glass is available for those who want the best possible insulation to reduce their utility costs even further. Our Energy Star rated vinyl windows feature foam-insulated frames, multiple layers of Low-E glass to reflect radiant heat away from your home, and barrier fin weatherstripping for added protection against drafts. Various baked-on colors and hardware options are also available to customize your new window.

Picture windows

Picture windows are fixed, non-opening vinyl windows that offer a wide range of custom design options. They can be built to the size, shape and style of your home’s architectural needs, and they are easy to maintain with regular cleaning using a damp cloth.

They allow natural light to flood your space while providing unobstructed views of the outdoor scenery. Their minimalistic elegance is a perfect fusion of form and function. They create a seamless visual connection with the outdoors, making them an ideal choice for Birmingham homes with scenic views and abundant sunlight.

These windows can be installed in any room of your house, and they are an excellent choice for enhancing the appearance of an entryway, kitchen, or living area. They also provide improved ventilation and energy efficiency, which can help to lower your energy bills. Additionally, they are a good option for homeowners who want to save money by replacing multiple windows at once.

Bay or bow windows

Extend your living space with a bay or bow window that adds dimension and panoramic views to your home. These protruding windows, which feature a curved structure consisting of three to six equally sized windows, are available in customizable styles with unique and eye-catching design elements. Bow and bay windows can include both fixed and venting window units, including casement and double-hung windows, allowing you to customize your vinyl windows Birmingham AL with your preferred configurations for both style and ventilation.

These windows genuinely brighten a room, and you can enjoy the full effect from inside or from exterior viewpoints. The curved shape of these windows also adds architectural interest to both traditional and contemporary homes. They come with multiple opening sashes, so you can control the amount of natural light that streams into your home and provide a fresh breeze throughout the house during the warmer months. They’re also crafted for exceptional energy efficiency and sound reduction to create a peaceful indoor environment, free from the rumble of traffic or neighborhood noises.

Energy Star rated glass

A high-quality vinyl window with ENERGY STAR rated glass is one of the best ways to minimize energy costs and improve comfort. ENERGY STAR ratings are based on key performance criteria that are tailored to different climate zones. DaBella offers a range of windows that meet ENERGY STAR requirements for different regions.

In West/Central Alabama, where temperatures can drop below freezing in the winter and summer humid air lingers, an ENERGY STAR-certified window is the best choice to protect your home from extreme conditions. For maximum energy efficiency, choose a double-pane insulated window with inert argon gas between the panes and a spectrally selective low-E coating that blocks solar heat while allowing visible light to pass through.

The frame material also affects energy efficiency. Fiberglass frames are more efficient than aluminum or wood, which conduct heat and cold. In addition, a fiberglass window will likely require less maintenance than a wooden or aluminum window. If your new or replacement windows are to be installed in coastal Alabama, choose an ENERGY STAR-certified fiberglass window that is designed to withstand wind speeds up to 120 mph.

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