Patio Doors Birmingham AL Open Your Living Space to the Outdoors

Patio doors Birmingham AL

Patio doors open your living spaces to the outdoors, creating a seamless transition for social gatherings and relaxation. Their oversized glass panes also provide unobstructed views of your yard and garden, giving you the opportunity to enjoy a more natural lifestyle in Birmingham.

Stylish and versatile, these large glass doors come in sliding and hinged styles. Customizable frame colors and hardware finishes ensure they fit perfectly with your home’s aesthetic.


Patio doors Birmingham AL are a stylish portal into your home that adds curb appeal and enhances the overall appearance of your property. They feature beautiful, custom-designed glass options that complement any decor style. You can also choose from a variety of hardware and door colors to personalize your home’s aesthetic. Our durable patio doors are made from maintenance-free materials supported by a fully-integrated frame that protects against big impacts and small dings. Plus, Low-E multi-pane glass helps minimize solar heat gain during the hot and humid Alabama summers.

Open your smartphone’s camera and point it at the QR code or click here to experience this door model in augmented reality. Click and drag to rotate and zoom for a full, exclusive view. You can even change the color of the window and furniture to see how these changes will impact your room.


Patio doors open your living space to fresh air and beautiful views, boosting your health and well-being. Whether hinged or sliding, they can be customized for your lifestyle and home. Choosing the right one starts with understanding the differences between types and materials.

When you choose a quality patio door, you’re also choosing better energy efficiency. High-performance glass packages minimize unwanted UV rays and unnecessarily hot or cold spots in your house, making for a more comfortable home all year long.

Durable frames are built to withstand the effects of time, protecting against big impacts and small dings. Plus, superior insulation materials like a foam core and multi-pane glass make for tough thermal barriers. Then, hardware options like colonia, diamond and perimeter grids add the finishing touch.

Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient patio doors help you enjoy your home’s view without letting heat escape or cold air in. They can help keep your home comfortable all year round, ensuring that your heating and cooling costs are as low as possible.

Many modern patio door models use multiple panes of glass and insulating gasses in between to boost their thermal performance. They also have weatherstripping to improve their seals and prevent heated or cooled air from escaping.

These features not only reduce your energy bills, but they also limit the amount of noise that can penetrate your living space. As a result, you’ll enjoy a quieter indoor environment and a more relaxing lifestyle. Energy-efficient patio doors also provide better UV protection, keeping your furniture and flooring safe from fading. This is particularly important if you live in an urban or suburban setting.


Patio doors are a portal into your home, so they must be secure. French doors are much more difficult to break into than sliding glass ones, and they feature a solid frame that resists prying. You can further increase security by having a deadbolt lock installed. A locksmith can help you choose the right lock and install it on your patio door.

You can also select a variety of hardware options for your new Birmingham doors. They come in brushed nickel, bronze, silver and more to complement the aesthetics of your house. You can even opt for a multi-point locking system that provides more protection from intruders.

If you’re looking for quality patio doors to enhance your Alabama home, check out Durante Home Exteriors. You can even experience a virtual door model in your space with augmented reality. Simply open your smartphone’s camera and point it at this QR code to get started.

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