Choosing Door Styles For Your Home

When you choose the right doors for your Birmingham home, they enhance its value, curb appeal and functionality. Door dealers can help you select, design and install the perfect door for your style and budget.

Whether you’re building a new house or remodeling your existing one, there are countless options for your doors and windows. Here are some of the most popular choices:

Battened and Ledged Entry Doors

A front door is more than a passageway into a home or office; it sets the tone and offers security, resistance to weather elements, and aesthetic appeal. Entry doors are crafted from a variety of materials, and each material has its own advantages.

For example, aluminum entry doors are lightweight and require minimal upkeep while being strong enough to resist corrosion and denting. Fiberglass entry doors are durable and easy to clean, and they can also mimic the look of wood while boosting energy efficiency.

Barn entry doors offer rustic aesthetics and a sliding mechanism that saves space. These doors are ideal for homes that want to add a touch of country charm.

Barn Entry Doors

Whether used as room dividers, closet doors or as creative focal points, barn doors add a unique design perspective to living spaces. They also make efficient use of space, eliminating the need for traditional swinging doors.

They provide a rustic charm and can complement any style of home. However, they do not offer acoustic privacy and can allow in noise, odors and light.

A touch of steel married with glass produces a door that’s clean and modern. These doors allow in copious amounts of natural light and bring indoor/outdoor living spaces together. They are also easy to maintain. Moreover, they are durable enough to resist burglars.

Traditional with Side Glass Entry Doors

An attractive entry door adds both curb appeal and security to a home, according to research. It is one of the first things visitors notice, and it can influence a home’s perceived value.

Traditional with side glass entry doors combine a classic wooden or iron door with side windows to add light and dimension to the front of your home. They are perfect for homeowners who prefer a more formal or elegant architectural style and can also match the look of an arched top entry door.

Tuscan Iron Entries offers these doors to residents in Birmingham, Trussville, Hoover, Gardendale, Vestavia, and surrounding areas. Contact us for more information about our products or to schedule a free quote.

Arched Top Entry Doors

For a luxurious and visually stunning entrance, the Miranda 6-Lite arch top mahogany wood double entry door offers elegance, style, and strength. This beautiful entryway features hammered iron grille accents and clear flat or flemish low-E glass.

This door style complements traditional, Mediterranean, and Craftsman-style homes. It may also be accented with sidelites and a transom.

An attractive front door adds value to your home and creates a warm and inviting look. Iron doors are easy to maintain and last a lifetime. They are considered safer and more secure than steel entries. Iron doors can withstand harsh weather conditions and resist warping. They are also energy efficient.

Wood-Paneled Entry Doors

Wood-panelled doors have a classic look with raised or recessed panels, giving them architectural interest and a timeless style that fits traditional homes as well as modern ones. They are also sturdy and provide added protection against the elements.

Other door styles include louver doors that have slats for ventilation and light blocking or French entry doors with glass panes that offer a dramatic, elegant style. Single entry doors work for most homes and require less maintenance while double doors fit larger home designs and are great for making a statement.

The right front door can boost your home’s curb appeal and increase its value. Our experts at Window World of Central Alabama can help you find the perfect door for your home.

Modern Entry Doors

Stylish entry doors offer security and insulation, as well as a first impression that sets the tone for your home’s style. A good door dealer can help you select a front or garage door that complements your style and suits the size of your entryway, while providing strength and resistance to weather elements and intruders.

Fiberglass entry doors are a popular choice, as they are affordable, energy-efficient, and resistant to damage, unlike steel. They also provide more flexibility in terms of design and can be molded to suit your home’s architectural style. Wood doors, on the other hand, provide timeless beauty and richness but require regular care to prevent warping.

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