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Birmingham, AL home door dealers install and repair front doors that protect homes from the elements and intruders. They help homeowners select attractive and durable new doors that match their aesthetic preferences.

A gorgeous iron front door boosts a home’s curb appeal and value. It can also be paired with sleek transoms and sidelights to flood entryways with natural light.

Curb Appeal

A beautiful front door boosts a home’s perceived value and sets it apart from other homes in the neighborhood. It is also a security feature that deters intruders and prevents drafts. Many Birmingham homeowners opt for wrought iron front doors to add to the luxury and beauty of their property.

According to experts, the first impression a prospective buyer makes of your house is usually formed from their perception of the outside. If the exterior is unattractive or neglected, it is likely they will make a negative judgment about the rest of the property.

To improve the curb appeal of your home, start by power washing the siding and sidewalks. You can also replace the hardware on your front door to create a more attractive look. Oiled bronze and brushed nickel are popular choices, but Allen recommends matching the style of your home to determine what hardware would be best. This is a great way to increase your curb appeal on a budget.


Homeowners in Birmingham value security as much as style. New doors with advanced locks help deter burglars and keep family members safe. They are also easy to lock from the inside. Adding upgrades like a peephole and reinforcer plates makes it even harder for intruders to break into a home.

Decorative glass elements, wood grain selections and brass or nickel handles allow homeowners to personalize their front doors to fit their aesthetic preferences. Other options include frosted or obscure film that blurs visibility and helps deter intruders.

Steel front doors are a popular choice for Birmingham homes due to their durability and security. They are also easy to maintain and resist rust and corrosion. For a unique accent, consider incorporating sidelights into your door design. These slender windows offer an elegant look while flooding the entryway with natural light. They are available in a variety of styles to complement any architectural style and blend seamlessly with your chosen door design.

Energy Efficiency

Your front door serves more than just a stylish portal into your home. It also offers protection from the elements and intruders. An attractive new door can add curb appeal and boost your property’s perceived value.

The material your front door is made of plays a role in how energy efficient it is. Hollow-core doors, for example, offer little insulation while steel and fiberglass entry doors with foam cores are excellent insulators.

For the best energy efficiency, look for a low SHGC (solar heat-gain coefficient). This number indicates how much solar heat is allowed into your home, and a lower number means less of it.

Choosing a door with double or triple-pane glass is another way to improve your energy efficiency. These doors allow you to save space while flooding your home with natural light. You can even choose textured obscure glass to retain privacy without compromising on natural light. These doors also have superior insulating materials that prevent heat and air loss to keep your home comfortable year-round.


Front doors have a big job: they welcome family and guests while offering security, protection from the elements, and energy efficiency. The best way to ensure your entry door meets its full potential is through regular maintenance.

Visual Inspection

Begin by examining your door and the surrounding frame to look for cracks, gaps, or other signs of wear. If needed, consult your manufacturer’s warranty for specific care and maintenance instructions.

Staining or Painting

A quality stain preserves wood finishes and can help them last longer. A new coat of paint also adds curb appeal and helps protect against the elements, reducing the need for costly repairs.

Regular lubrication with a professional is an inexpensive preventive measure that helps ensure your door and its hardware work as they should. This minimizes the risk of rust or corrosion, which can compromise both your home’s appearance and its functionality. In addition, a lubricated lock or deadbolt is less likely to jam or become difficult to open.

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