Window Styles for Your Home

The windows in your home contribute to its design, comfort and energy efficiency. Choose windows that complement your home’s style and suit your personal preferences.

Outdated windows can lead to condensation, drafts and high energy bills. Birmingham window installation experts can help you select the right windows for your home and budget.

Casement windows

Birmingham homeowners looking for user-friendly windows will find casement and awning windows an excellent choice. Hinged on the side and opening outward like a door, these windows are easy to open and clean thanks to a single crank mechanism. They also allow plenty of natural light and airflow, making them ideal for hard-to-access spaces and projecting window styles like bay or bow. They can even be used with a multipoint locking system for added security.

Casement windows are available in side-hung and top-hung variants. Top-hung windows open from the top for ventilation in tight spaces, while side-hung windows offer a wide range of configurations suitable for openings with greater height than width. For a sleeker option, push out casement windows devoid of the traditional crank mechanism are available. These windows have the same benefits as their hinged counterparts but provide a more minimal aesthetic. They are also highly energy efficient, halting heat transfer in the winter and blocking UV rays in the summer.

Awning windows

Awning windows hinge from the top and open outward like an awning to let in natural light and ventilation. They are perfect for hard-to-reach spaces, such as those above sinks or appliances. Their unique design makes them better suited for catching breezes than sliding or hung windows, and they work well in both modern and traditional homes.

Our awning windows are available in wood, fiberglass and aluminum frames, and you can choose from a wide variety of colors to perfectly complement your home. We also offer low-E and double or triple-pane options to keep energy costs down.

Awning windows are often used in conjunction with casement windows and are ideal for openings that are wider than tall. They can be paired with picture or other fixed windows to maximize natural light without sacrificing ventilation or airflow. Wood frames are beautiful and durable, while vinyl and aluminum offer easy maintenance. Depending on your style preferences and willingness to perform regular maintenance, you can choose the option that best suits your Birmingham home.

Sliding windows

When it comes to window replacement, the installation style you choose plays a major role in aesthetics and functionality. From traditional to modern, you’ll want to select an installation style that matches your preferences and meets the needs of your Birmingham home.

Sliding windows, also known as double slider windows, feature two operable sashes that slide horizontally on integrated rollers. They’re a great option for large openings and can help bring natural light into rooms like kitchens and living areas. Plus, they allow for unobstructed views of the outdoors.

If energy efficiency is a priority for your Birmingham home, look for a company that offers windows with an NFRC rating and an Energy Star certification. This ensures that your new windows meet Alabama’s strict climate considerations and will help reduce your energy bills. You can also add an extra layer of insulation with triple pane options. These types of windows provide superior thermal performance and can qualify you for rebates from Alabama Power.

Picture windows

Picture windows provide a seamless connection between your home and your scenic surroundings, creating a beautiful focal point for any room. These large, unobstructed glass panes act like framed artwork, elevating your house’s aesthetic and adding an air of elegance that appeals to prospective buyers.

Unlike operable window types, picture windows lack complex opening mechanisms and require minimal maintenance. With regular cleaning using common household cleaners and a soft cloth, these windows stay pristine for years.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, energy-efficient picture windows reduce your energy costs by reflecting the sun’s heat during summer and absorbing warmth during winter. As a bonus, the Low-E glass coatings on these windows help protect your furniture and carpet from damaging UV rays. Consult a trusted window company to find the perfect energy-efficient picture windows for your Birmingham home.

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